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In order to work or volunteer with children, certain people are required to obtain clearances.

Child Abuse History Clearance (CY113)

Online Submission
The cost of child abuse history clearances increased from $8 to $13 effective July 1, 2018. The legislative passage of Act 40 included the increase to assist in covering actual costs for processing child abuse clearances after the previously amended Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) expanded who is required to receive child abuse clearances and instituted a five-year renewal cycle. Child abuse clearance fees for volunteers will continue to be waived one time within a five-year period.

The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History clearance can be submitted and paid for online through the Child Welfare Information Solution (CWIS) self-service portal.Submitting an application online allows individual applicants to receive their results through an automated system that will notify them once their results have been processed. Applicants will be able to view and print their results online.

The self-service portal also provides organizations the ability to create business accounts to prepay for child abuse clearances and have online access to the results. Organizations who want to set up business accounts must first register for a Business Partner User account using the “Organization Account Access” link on the Child Welfare Portal. Organization accounts will allow businesses and organizations to purchase child abuse history clearance payment codes and distribute those codes to applicants. When an applicant uses a code given to them by an organization, the organization will have access to the applicant’s child abuse history clearance results once those results are processed.

Paper Submission
Paper submissions of the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance application will still be accepted for anyone who may not have access to the internet. Please note, results will be received more quickly if applied for electronically through the self-service portal. Submit paper applications to:

ChildLine and Abuse Registry
Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
PO Box 8170
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8170

  1. The instructions for how to complete the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance application are now included on the last page of the application and can be printed for easy reference when completing the application. Failure to comply with the instructions that are attached to the application will cause considerable delay in processing the results.
  2. Applicants can now type their information directly onto the application or the information can be legibly handwritten onto the application.
  3. If the information is typed directly onto the application, the information will NOT be able to be saved on a computer unless the computer has a licensed version of the acrobat adobe software. Therefore, please be sure to print the completed application before closing the document so that the information typed on the application is not lost.
  4. If you have trouble accessing the application you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader, which is available free on the internet.

Once the application is received in the ChildLine and Abuse Registry’s Verification Unit, the results of the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance will be mailed to the applicant’s address that was noted on the application within 14 days from the date that the application is received in the ChildLine Verification Unit.

CY113 form - English Child Abuse Clearance 
CY113 form - Spanish Child Abuse Clearance

An applicant can request that a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance be mailed to an organization by completing a Consent Release of Information Authorization Form. Both the applicant and organization must sign the form and the form must be attached to a paper Child Abuse History Clearance application submitted via mail in order for the results to be released to the organization. Older versions of the Consent Release Form without a signature line for the organization will not be accepted and the certification result will be returned directly to the applicant, not the organization.

NOTE: Results cannot be sent to someone other than the applicant if applying for a Child Abuse History Clearance electronically via the online link above. If an organization pays the application fee, they will have the ability to access an applicant’s results online if they set up a business account and provide the pre-paid code to the applicant.

CY 999 -Consent/Release of Information Authorization Form

For questions related to the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, please contact the ChildLine Verification Unit at 717-783-6211 or toll free at 1-877-371-5422.


Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Checks for Employment (SPA-164) or Volunteers (SPA-164A)

There are two methods of requesting a Pennsylvania Criminal record.

If you have questions about the Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Checks form for employment (SP4 164) or to volunteer (SP4-164A), please call: (717) 783-9973 or toll free 1-888-783-7972.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Fingerprinting
The Commonwealth transitioned to a new vendor for digital fingerprinting, IDEMIA (also referred to as IdentoGo or MorphoTrust) Effective November 28, 2017, you can register with IDEMIA, and be fingerprinted at an IdentoGO site. The fingerprint-based background check is a multi-step process. For general questions about FBI clearances, please contact the FBI Background Check Unit at 717-783-6211 or 1-877-371-5422. For IDEMIA registration, processing, or billing questions, please contact IDEMIA/IdentoGo at 1-844-321-2101.

Fingerprinting Process

  • Appointments to be fingerprinted are not required, but pre‐registration is required either online or by phone. To register online, please go to; by telephone please call 1-844-321-2101 and listen to the options menu.
  • When you or your employee or volunteer register, the employer will have to provide a service code. Please refer to the Service Code table below. The employer shall review the service codes below to determine which code best suites the volunteer or employee. Once determined, provide this code to the volunteer or employee so they may register. Please note the “DHS volunteer” service code would include all volunteer services. It is titled “DHS” because it is a DHS, Child Protective Services Law requirement.
  • All applicants will also need to refer to the Service Code forms, link found to the right of this page, for the list of acceptable identification documents. Applicants must present one of the identification documents at the Idemia fingerprinting location.
  • Once registered, you may walk‐in during a location’s posted hours of operation, but scheduling an appointment may lead to lesser/no wait times. In order to pre-register for a FBI background check and/or find a fingerprinting location, applicants should access the IDEMIA website. It is strongly encouraged that the employee or volunteer contact the site prior to going there as the information on the IDEMIA website may differ from actual hours of operation.

Minors requiring FBI Digital Fingerprinting

If a minor applicant does not have acceptable identification at the time of the fingerprinting appointment they must present:


  • One of the listed identification documents for the minor (listed in the waiver), which includes:
    • Original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by the appropriate State Bureau of Vital Statistics or equivalent agency from a U.S. state, U.S. territory, the District of Columbia, or a Canadian province. A birth record issued by a hospital is not acceptable under this category.
    •  Original or certified copy of a U.S Department of State Certification of  Birth Abroad issued to U.S citizens born abroad (Form FS‐240, DS‐1350, or FS‐545).
    •  Original or certified copy of court order with name and date of birth indicating an official change of name and/or gender from a U.S. state, U.S. territory, the District of Columbia, or Canadian providence.
    •  Social Security Card (actual card).

Service Codes
Service codes are a required field for all pre-enrollments. Below are the service codes available for applicants applying under the Department of Human Services:

The Service Code form includes additional information for the enrollment and fingerprinting process.

Service Code Applicant Type Description Department
1KG6ZJ DHS Volunteer An individual applying for or holding an unpaid position as a volunteer with a child-care service, a school or a program, activity or service, as a person responsible for the child's welfare or having direct volunteer contact with children. Department of Human Services
1KG71B Foster Parent An individual responsible for providing foster family care to children placed by a Family Foster Care Agency. Department of Human Services
1KG72V Prospective Adoptive Parent An individual who is engaged in the process of becoming an adoptive parent by establishing a legal relationship of parent and child when not related by birth. Department of Human Services
1KG738 Child Care Services/Program Employee or Contractor Any employee or contractor of a child care service or program, including but not limited to a child care center or home, residential facility or center, behavioral health service, substance use service, early intervention service, or child care service offered by a school. Department of Human Services
1KG74S Family Child Care Home Provider A residence where child care is provided at any time to no less than four children and no more than six children who are not relatives of the caregiver. Department of Human Services
1KG756 Employee >=14 Years Contact w/ Children An employee age 14 or older who would not fall under the child care services/program employee or contractor definition, and who has care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children. Department of Human Services
1KG76Q Individual >=18 Years in Foster Home An individual 18 years of age or older who resides in the home of a foster parent for at least 30 days in a calendar year Department of Human Services
1KG774 Individual >=18 Years in Prospective Adoptive Home An individual 18 years of age or older who resides in the home of a prospective adoptive parent for at least 30 days in a calendar year. Department of Human Services
1KG78K Individual >=18 Years in Licensed Child Care Home An individual age 18 years of age or older who resides in the home of a licensed child care home for at least 30 days in a calendar year, in which child care is provided at any one time to four, five or six children unrelated to the operator. Department of Human Services
1KG8TG Individual >=18 Years in Family Living, Community, or Host Home An individual age 18 years of age or older who resides for at least 30 days in a calendar year in the following homes:
   • Family living: the private home of an individual or family in which residential care is provided to one or two individuals with an intellectual disability.
  • Community home for individuals with an intellectual disability.
  • Host home for children with intellectual disabilities receiving supervised independent living services.
Department of Human Services

Department of Education
The Pennsylvania Department of Education also utilizes IDEMIA to process fingerprint based FBI criminal background checks for prospective employees of public and private schools. Under Act 114 of 2006, ALL prospective school employees, school contractors and student teachers are to use the Pennsylvania Department of Education system. This includes but is not limited to: Teachers, School Administrators, Substitute Teachers, Teaching Assistants, PIAA Sports Officials, School Bus Drivers, and Student Teachers. For more information regarding Act 114, and background check requirements for public schools, private schools and student teachers go to the Pennsylvania Department of Education website or email the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Payment Process
Employees or volunteers are required to pay for fingerprinting at the time of service. If an employer is paying, an authorization code must be provided; otherwise the employee or volunteer will be required to pay out of pocket. If an employer wishes to set up a payment agreement with IDEMIA/IdentoGo/Morphotrust, please scroll down to the end of the page titled, “IDEMIA Payment Option” for more information.

If you are an organization or agency accessing this site to inquire about remaining or becoming a Commonwealth affiliate fingerprinting site, or questions surrounding equipment, please note the following important information

If you would like your location to remain a Commonwealth affiliated fingerprinting site or become a fingerprint site, please visit

  • At the bottom of that page is a link to their Partner Inquiry Form.
  • Express interest by providing IDEMIA with your business’ information. Your inquiry will go to their partner team for follow up. Public and private agreements are considered.
  • If there is no need in your specific area, you will receive an email letting you know IDEMIA will hold onto your information until a need arises.
  • IDEMIA has a process in place for approving locations and equipment. For more information, visit or call 844-321-2101.

IDEMIA Payment Option - No Charge Authorization Code (NCAC)

IDEMIA offers employers the option to pay for services using a No Charge Authorization Code (NCAC) which is backed by a credit card provided during the account setup. To use this method for payment, the employer must complete and submit the IDEMIA NCAC Agreement which will be available on the IDEMIA website. The account must be established prior to sending applicants to the fingerprint site.

If you have additional questions, please contact IDEMIA by phone, toll free at (844) 321-2101.


Who needs child abuse clearances?

Keep Kids Safe Clearances - employees

Employees having contact
with children

Keep Kids Safe Clearances - Parents


Keep Kids Safe Clearances - teacher 1

School employees governed
by the Public School Code

Keep Kids Safe Clearances - teacher 2

School employees not governed
by the Public School Code

Types of clearances

Pennsylvania Child Abuse
History Clearance

Pennsylvania State Police
Criminal Record Check

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Criminal Background Check

Keep Kids Safe Clearances - volunteer