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The Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) requires certain individuals to obtain clearances in order to be employed, be a resource parent (foster or adoptive), or be a volunteer with children. The purpose for requiring clearances is to provide employers and those selecting volunteers with information to use as a part of a larger decision-making process when determining whether to hire someone as an employee or select them as a volunteer. 

Clearances are required for an employee or unpaid volunteer at a minimum of every 60 months from the date of the oldest clearance. Clearances may be required more frequently based on licensure or employer requirements.  

Agencies and organizations must ensure that clearances are obtained in accordance with the CPSL. The required clearances may include:


Only a requirement for employees and volunteers of child day-care centers, group day-care homes or family child-care homes.

Clearances from or from other states

Only a requirement for prospective adoptive parents, prospective foster parents, employees or volunteers of child-day care centers, employees or volunteers of group day-care homes, and employees or volunteers of family child-care homes.

Other Child Care Information


 Who needs child abuse clearances? 

Keep Kids Safe Clearances - employees

Employees having contact
with children

Keep Kids Safe Clearances - Parents


Keep Kids Safe Clearances - teacher 1

School employees governed
by the Public School Code

Keep Kids Safe Clearances - teacher 2

School employees not governed
by the Public School Code

Types of clearances

Pennsylvania Child Abuse
History Clearance

Pennsylvania State Police
Criminal Record Check

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Criminal Background Check

Keep Kids Safe Clearances - volunteer