RegionCountyGenderAgeDate of 
Fatality/ Near
District Attorney
Report Link 
SoutheastMontgomeryMale2 years1/4/2016Near FatalityLifted NearDeath_010416_SE
NortheastBradfordMale2 months1/5/2016FatalityYes 
SoutheastDelawareFemale4 years1/7/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_010716_SE
CentralBlairFemale9 years1/7/2016Near FatalityNo 
WesternClearfieldFemale18 months1/9/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_010916_W
NortheastSchuylkillFemale2 months1/10/2016FatalityYes 
SoutheastBerksMale4 months1/13/2016FatalityNoRivera_Death_011316_SE
WesternWestmorelandFemale16 years1/14/2016FatalityYes 
CentralLebanonMale5 months1/15/2016FatalityYes 
CentralFranklinMale7 years1/15/2016FatalityNoEsh_Death_011516_C
CentralCumberlandFemale15 years1/19/2016FatalityNoHolmstrom_Death_011916_C
CentralCumberlandFemale3 days1/19/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_011916_C
CentralLancasterFemale4 years1/20/2016Near FatalityYes 
WesternAlleghenyFemale2  months1/22/2016Near FatalityYes 
CentralBlairMale23 months1/25/2016Near FatalityYes 
WesternErieMale3 years1/26/2016Near FatalityYes 
SoutheastMontgomeryFemale3 years1/26/2016Near FatalityYes 
CentralNorthumberlandFemale13 years1/29/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_012916_C
WesternElkMale5 years2/3/2016FatalityYes 
NortheastPikeMale2 years2/5/2016Near FatalityLiftedNearDeath_020516_NE
NortheastLehighFemale5 years2/5/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath1_020516_NE
 WesternAllegheny Male2 years 2/5/2016 Near Fatality Yes  
Southeast  ChesterMale 16 years2/6/2016 Near Fatality No NearDeath_020616_SE
SoutheastPhiladelphia Male10 years2/11/2016 Fatality No Okula_Death_021116_SE
Northeast Schuylkill Male 3 months 2/11/2016 Fatality Yes  
CentralFultonMale5 months2/12/2016Near FatalityYes 
NortheastLehighMale3 months2/14/2016Near FatalityLiftedNearDeath_021416_NE
SoutheastBucksFemale9 months2/14/2016Near FatalityYes 
WesternErieMale2 years2/15/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_021516_W
CentralLycomingMale22 months2/16/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_021616_C
CentralFranklinMale3 years2/17/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_021716_C
CentralUnionFemale2 years2/18/2016Near FatalityYes 
WesternAlleghenyFemale23 months2/18/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_021816_W
WesternArmstrongMale12 years2/19/2016FatalityYes 
WesternErieMale5 months2/20/2016Near FatalityYes 
CentralSnyderMale3 months2/22/2016FatalityNoJones_Death_022216_C
CentralYorkMale10 months2/23/2016FatalityLiftedMarsh_Death_022316_C
CentralPerryFemale12 years2/24/2016FatalityYes 
WesternFayetteFemale23 months2/24/2016FatalityYes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 months2/26/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_022616_SE
WesternCrawfordMale3 months2/29/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_022916_W
Central FultonMale2 months3/2/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath_030216_C
CentralYorkMale2 years3/7/2016Near FatalityNo NearDeath_030716_C
CentralYorkFemale9 years3/7/2016Near FatalityNoNearDeath1_030716_C
NortheastLuzerneFemale3 years3/9/2016Near FatalityYes 
CentralFranklinFemale2 years3/11/2016 Near Fatality Yes  
CentralPerryFemale 12 years 3/11/2016 Fatality Yes  
Western Allegheny Female 12 months 3/14/2016  Near FatalityLifted NearDeath_031416_W
Western  Allegheny Male 3 months 3/15/2016 Near Fatality Yes  
Southeast Bucks Female 2 months 3/21/2016 Near Fatality Yes  
SoutheastMontgomery Male 3 years 3/21/2016 Near Fatality No Decertified* 
Western Allegheny Female 2 months 3/23/2016 Near Fatality Yes  
Central Dauphin Female 4 months 3/24/2016 Near Fatality Yes  
CentralCumberland Male 1 month 3/25/2016 Near Fatality No Decertified* 
Central Lancaster Female 4 months 3/25/2016 Near Fatality No NearDeath_032516_C
SoutheastBucks Female 2 months 3/25/2016 Fatality No Aster-Biscardi_Death_032516_SE
Central York Female 2 years 3/27/2016 Near Fatality No NearDeath_032716_C
WesternArmstrongFemale2 years 3/30/2016 Near Fatality No NearDeath_033016_W
NortheastNorthampton Female 3 months  4/1/2016Fatality Yes  
Western Allegheny Male 18 months 4/3/2016 Near FatalityYes  
Western Allegheny Female 11 months 4/3/2016 Near Fatalities Yes  
CentralYorkFemale1 month 4/5/2016 Fatality LiftedLeskinen_Death_040516_C
Western Fayette Male 3 years 4/5/2016 FatalityYesNearDeath_040616_W
WesternBeaverMale2 years4/6/2016Near FatalityYes 
SoutheastDelawareFemale7 months4/9/2016FatalityNo 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale8 months4/13/2016FatalityNo Unknown_Death_041316_SE
CentralLancasterFemale3 weeks4/14/2016FatalityYes 
SoutheastBerksMale7 years4/14/2016Near FatalityNo NearDeath_041416_SE
WesternGreeneFemale3 years 4/14/2016 Near Fatality No  
Western Armstrong Female 2 years 4/16/2016 Fatality No  
SoutheastPhiladelphia Female 4 years 4/17/2016 Fatality Yes  
Northeast Schuylkill Male 19 months 4/19/2016 Near FatalityNo  
SoutheastDelaware Female 2 years 4/19/2016 Fatality Yes 
Southeast Berks Female 4 years 4/19/2016 Near Fatality No  
WesternMercer Female 19 months 4/20/2016 Fatality No  
Central Lancaster Male 12 years 4/21/2016 Near Fatality Yes 
SoutheastBucks Female 2 years 4/24/2016 Near Fatality Yes 
Northeast Lehigh Male 9 years 4/25/2016 Near Fatality No  
Southeast Montgomery Female 3 months 4/25/2016 Near Fatality No  
SoutheastBucksFemale 16 years 4/29/2016 Near Fatality No  
Southeast Philadelphia Male 3 years 4/30/2016 Fatality Yes  
NortheastMonroe Female 5 months 5/6/2016 Fatality Yes 
Southeast Berks Female 3 years 5/10/2016 Near Fatality  No  
WesternClearfield Female 2 years 5/10/2016 Near Fatality  No  
Western Clarion Male 4 months 5/10/2016 Near Fatality  No  
CentralLycoming Male 3 weeks 5/13/2016 Near Fatality  No  NearDeath_051316_C
Central Dauphin Male 15 years 5/13/2016 Near Fatality No  
SoutheastPhiladelphia Male 5 months 5/17/2016 Fatality No  
Southeast Philadelphia Male 21 months 5/17/2016 Fatality No  Rudd_Death_051716_SE
Central Lancaster Female 3 years 5/18/2016 Near Fatality No  NearDeath_051816_C
Western Clarion Male 12 months 5/18/2016 Near Fatality  No  
Western Elk Female 2 years 5/20/2016 Fatality Yes 
Western Fayette Male 3 years 5/24/2016 Near Fatality  No  
CentralYork Male 2 months 5/25/2016 Fatality Yes  
Northeast Northampton Male 3 years 5/29/2016 Near Fatality No  
WesternWarren Male 12 months 5/29/2016 Near Fatality No NearDeath_052916_W
Southeast Bucks Male 3 years 6/1/2016 Fatality No  
WesternWestmoreland Female 4 months 6/1/2016 Near Fatality  No  
Central Cumberland Female 5 months 6/3/2016 Fatality Yes  
NortheastMonroe Female 2 months 6/4/2016 Fatality Yes  
Central York Female 3 years 6/8/2016 Fatality Yes  
Northeast Lehigh Male 2 months 6/11/2016 Near Fatality  No  
Central Adams Female 9 years 6/13/2016 Fatality No  
CentralCambriaFemale15 months6/18/2016Near FatalityNo NearDeath_061816_C
Western Allegheny Male 8 years 6/20/2016 Fatality Yes  
Northeast Bradford Female 1 month 6/23/2016 Near Fatality  No  
Central Lancaster Female 5 years 6/24/2016 Near Fatality  Yes  
Northeast Susquehanna Male 7 months 6/27/2016 Fatality No   
Southeast Philadelphia Female 4 years 6/27/2016 Fatality Yes 
CentralYork Male 17 years 7/1/2016 Fatality Yes  
Northeast Monroe Male 2 years 7/1/2016 Fatality No  
Northeast Northampton Female 2 weeks 7/2/2016 Near Fatality  Yes 
Southeast Philadelphia Female 1 months 7/2/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central York Male 17 years 7/5/2016 Fatality Yes  
WesternArmstrong Male 14 years 7/5/2016 Near Fatality  No  
Western Fayette Male 6 years 7/6/2016 Fatality No  
Central York Female 16 years 7/7/2016 Fatality Yes  
Western Westmoreland Male 3 months 7/7/2016 Near Fatality No  
WesternAlleghenyMale6 months7/7/2016Near FatalityYes 
WesternButlerFemale 4 years 7/8/2016 Near Fatality No  
Southeast Philadelphia Male 3 weeks 7/8/2016 Near Fatality No  
Southeast Berks Female 4 months 7/10/2016 Near Fatality No  
Northeast Bradford Male 12 months 7/11/2016 Fatality No  
Western Potter Male 3 weeks 7/13/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central Bedford Male 4 months 7/13/2016 Fatality No  
Central Lebanon Male 8 years 7/13/2016 Near Fatality No Decertified* 
Southeast Philadelphia Female 8 years 7/14/2016 Near Fatality  No  
Central Cumberland Male 2 months 7/16/2016 Near Fatality No  
Western Allegheny Male 6 months 7/19/2016 Near Fatality Yes  
Central Lycoming Female 4 years 7/22/2016 Fatality No  
Northeast Lehigh Male 2 years 7/25/2016 Near Fatality No  
Southeast Philadelphia Male 11 months 7/27/2016 Fatality No  
Northeast Northampton Male 1 month 7/29/2016 Fatality Yes  
CentralLancaster Male 2 years 7/28/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central Dauphin Female 3 years 7/31/2016 Fatality No  
Central Franklin Female 2 years 8/2/2016 Near Fatality No  
SoutheastPhiladelphia Male 10 months 8/3/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central York Male 2 months 8/5/2016 Fatality Yes  
Northeast Northampton Male 9 months 8/5/2016 Near Fatality Yes 
Western Erie Male 2 years 8/8/2016 Near Fatality No  Decertified*
NortheastMonroe Female <1 day 8/11/2016 Fatality No  
SoutheastBerks Male 5 years 8/11/2016 Fatality No  
SoutheastBerks Female 8 years 8/17/2016 Fatality No  
Southeast Berks Female 2 years 8/17/2016 Fatality No  
Northeast Schuylkill Female 17 years 8/18/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central Dauphin Male 2 years 8/18/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central Cumberland Female 5 months 8/23/2016 Fatality No  
SoutheastBerks Female 9 years 8/23/2016 Fatality No  
Western Mercer Male 3 months 8/24/2016 Near Fatality No  
Western Greene Female 8 years 8/25/2016 Near Fatality No  
Northeast Bradford Male 23 months  8/27/2016Near FatalityNo  
Central Dauphin Male 12 months 8/31/2016 Fatality No  
Northeast Lehigh Male 3 years 8/31/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central Columbia Male 17 years 9/1/2016 Near Fatality No  
Northeast Schuylkill Female 12 years 9/2/2016 Near Fatality No  Decertified*
WesternFayette Male 6 months 9/5/2016 Fatality No  
Southeast Chester Male 1 month 9/6/2016 Fatality No  
NortheastLehigh Female 16 months 9/7/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central Lancaster Male 2 months 9/8/2016 Fatality No  
Western Allegheny Male 2 years 9/9/2016 Near Fatality Yes  
Northeast Tioga Male 20 months 9/12/2016 Near Fatality No  
Southeast Bucks Male 2 years 9/12/2016 Fatality No  
Northeast Lehigh Male 15 years 9/15/2016 Near Fatality No Decertified*
Western Washington Female 3 months 9/15/2016 Near Fatality No  
Southeast Philadelphia Male 5 months 9/15/2016 Near Fatality No  
Northeast Northampton Male 2 days 9/18/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central Dauphin Female 3 weeks 9/17/2016 Near Fatality No  
Southeast Montgomery Male 1 month 9/19/2016  Near FatalityNo  
Northeast Monroe Male 15 years 9/21/2016 Near Fatality No Decertified*
Central Lancaster Female 2 years 9/21/2016 Fatality No  
Northeast Lehigh Male 1 month 9/21/2016 Near Fatality No  
Central Perry Male 2 years 9/20/2016 Near Fatality No  
WesternLawrence Female 2 months 9/23/2016 Fatality No 
WesternBeaver Female 3 months 9/25/2016 Near Fatality  


CentralSomersetFemale2 months9/26/2016Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyFemale5 months9/26/2016Near FatalityYes  
CentralYorkFemale3 years9/27/2016Near FatalityYes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale13 years9/28/2016Near Fatality  
Southeast PhiladelphiaFemale4 months9/28/2016Near Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyFemale4 months9/29/2016Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale18 months10/2/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastBucksMale1 month10/3/2016Fatality  
WesternIndianaMale10 years10/4/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastWayneMale4 weeks10/5/2016Fatality  
CentralLycomingMale13 months10/6/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale12 years10/62016Near Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyMale2 months10/11/2016Near FatalityYes  
WesternLawrenceFemale2 years10/13/2016Near FatalityYes  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale17 years10/14/2016Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale19 months10/14/2016Near Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyMale18 months10/18/2016Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyFemale3 weeks10/21/2016Fatality  
SoutheastDelawareMale3 weeks10/22/2016Near Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyMale3 weeks10/24/2016FatalityYes  
WesternAlleghenyFemale2 years10/25/2016Near FatalityYes  
NortheastLuzerneMale2 years10/28/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastLackawannaMale3 months10/31/2016Near Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyMale17 months11/2/2016FatalityYes  
WesternAlleghenyFemale1 month11/3/2016Near Fatality  
WesternErieMale9 months11/3/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years11/4/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale6 years11/4/2016Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyMale3 years11/7/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years11/7/2016Near Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyMale2 weeks11/9/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale4 years11/10/2016Near Fatality  
CentralLancasterMale16 months11/11/2016Near Fatality  
WesternWestmorelandMale10 months11/13/2016Near Fatality  
WesternWashingtonMale2 years11/19/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastLuzerneMale3 years11/21/2016Fatality Yes 
WesternIndianaMale3 years11/22/2016Fatality  
NortheastLuzerneFemale1 week11/22/2016FatalityYes 
WesternFayetteMale1 week11/23/2016Fatality  
CentralYorkFemale3 years11/24/2016Fatality Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years11/24/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastLehighFemale14 years11/25/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastPikeMale1 month11/25/2016Fatality  
WesternFayetteFemale2 weeks11/26/2016Fatality  
WesternGreeneFemale2 weeks11/28/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years11/30/2016Fatality  
WesternIndianaFemale15 months11/30/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastLehighMale4 months11/30/2016Near Fatality  
WesternWestmorelandMale8 years12/1/2016Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyFemale1 month12/2/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastLuzerneFemale7 weeks12/12/2016FatalityYes 
NortheastMonroeMale2 years12/5/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastMonroeMale2 years12/5/2016Near Fatality  
WesternWestmorelandFemale11 months12/16/2016Near Fatality  
WesternBeaver Male16 months12/18/2016 Near Fatality   
CentralYorkMale 2 months 12/17/2016Fatality  
CentralDauphinMale6 years12/19/2016Near Fatality  
CentralDauphinFemale5 years12/19/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastBerks Female 2 months 12/20/2016Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphia Male 1 month 12/20/2016Near Fatality  
NortheastLuzerne Male 1 month12/20/2016Near FatalityYes  
SoutheastBucks Female 1 week12/22/2016Near Fatality  
WesternAllegheny Male 9 months12/23/2016Near Fatality  
CentralYorkMale1 year12/26/2016Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale5 months12/26/2016Near Fatality  
CentralCambriaFemale5 months12/27/2016Fatality  
CentralDauphinMale2 months12/30/2016Fatality  

 * Reports are decertified when the certifying physician confirms the report was made in error, and either a child was not in serious or critical condition or an abusive act was not suspected in causing the child’s condition. Decertified near fatalities will not have final redacted reports posted in accordance with § 6365 as these reports are considered confidential pursuant to § 6339 of the Child Protective Services Law.